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Poly Plastics Tanks Welding & Repair

Contact us now for a free quote. We have over 10 years of experience in the plastic welding industry.

Does your tank needs repair?

If you think those damaged spray tanks and calf feeders can't be repaired - think again. Our friendly expert from CPT can come to you and repair most plastic on the farm - in the middle of a paddock, by the farm gate or shed; wherever you need us. Don't forget about those water storage tanks - we can repair those too.

We specialise in repairing a wide range of plastic and poly items, from tanks to equipment components. Our experienced team of professionals is skilled in various plastic welding techniques, ensuring durable and long-lasting repairs for all your plastic items, whether large or small. 

If you are not sure if we can repair it or how much it will cost, give us a call and discuss it with us. We’ll happily provide you an estimate and welcome you bringing the item in for a no-obligation appraisal.

Farming Tanks

Plastic welding is a process that allows surfaces of thermoplastics to be heated and fused using specialised equipment and techniques. This method enables the repair of various plastic items such as poly tanks, equipment components, and more.

  • Spray Tank

  • Trough Liner

Plastic Works for Stormwater

Are you looking for Detention tanks that slow the release of stormwater, or Retention tanks that can store water for your house or garden? CPT manufactures quality custom-made Slimline, Round or Square Detention and Retention tanks for storm water

Commercial / Residential

  • Chemical Tanks

  • Rain Collector

  • Water Tank Underground / Above Ground

Motorhomes / Food Cart Tanks

  • Grey Tanks

  • Fresh Tanks

  • Black Tanks