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Provides an in-depth understanding of environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable plastics and utilising the science of plastic joining technologies using the DVS standard.

We specialise in customising and fabricating Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) thermoplastic materials.

Welcome to CPT Plastics Engineering

At CPT Ltd., we specialize in high-quality thermoplastic fabrication and repair services, tailored to the unique needs of our diverse clientele. With a commitment to environmental sustainability, we leverage our expertise in 100% recyclable plastics and cutting-edge plastic joining technologies to deliver precision-engineered solutions. Our innovative approach and mastery of custom thermoplastic materials enable us to craft bespoke products that exceed industry standards, meeting the evolving needs of our clients across various sectors.

Discover how we turn your visions into reality through expert craftsmanship and unmatched dedication to excellence!

Our Services

Plastic Welding is at the heart of plastic fabrication.

Discover our exceptional work delivered in precision quality where we showcase our commitment in all our plastic welding projects.

What We Do

Customised Plastic Tanks (CPT) is a local New Zealand business specialising in customising and fabricating thermoplastic products. 

  • Accredited in the field and follow DVS international standards.

  • Ensure top-quality products. 

  • Our expertise lies in plastic fabrication and we cater to a wide range of businesses

  • We believe that it is through strong collaboration and communication with our clients that we achieve and deliver outstanding customer experience.

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Experience our high-quality plastic welding services and custom-built plastic tanks